The Resisters were a punk band formed in North London in 1977 by three friends who worked for a Press workers collective running a newspaper from offices near Newington Green.

The line up was:

Dave Gwynne-Jones - Guitar
Geoff Holland - Vocals
Kim Parker - Keyboards
Susy Hogarth - Drums
Ilse Zambouial - Bass
Pete Mullineau - Guitar



The band existed for about five years - doing masses of gigs on the left-wing kind of circuit whilst touring in an old Ambulance. Appearances included Stonehenge, Rock Against Racism, Notting Hill Carnival, Squatters Rights, Women's Rights etc. etc.

Unfortunately The Resisters only recorded one album, at Pathway Studios in 1978 , which was only released in Germany on a Munich based record label which went under the name of Trikont.

And now, thirty odd years later, this highly collectable record is now available on CD, thanks to Retro Records.